Exploiting a Loophole that has been there for Ages and Would Remain There as Long as Currency Trading Exists..

Ever Scared of Trading News Events in Forex? WORRY NO MORE!!! Whatever Your Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced.I’ll Show You a Brand New Strategy That Makes Money Whatever the Market Does. Whether the Market moves Up or Down,I don’t Really Care cos I’ll Make Money Either Way.

Forex News Trading:

Do you want to trade Forex without studying complex Technical analysis?Do you want to avoid staring at charts all day and only trade within 3-10mins making same or even bigger consistent profits?

News releases comes out periodically and market prices react very fast within split seconds,would you like to profit from these fast moves? Are you trying to trade news events manually and your broker doesn’t fill your orders during news hours in time and you get re-quotes ,how would you deal with this?

You analyzed the market was going to move in a direction during a News release but when it came out,it went the other way giving you a loss,how could you have avoided this scenario? How would you like to trade without caring which direction the market moves during a news release? How would you like to make money trading news events in Forex with winnings 80% of the time?

While everyone else is gambling on which direction a currency will go after a news release hits the streets, completely unsure of when to pull the trigger, and in which direction to trade, you will be armed to maximally exploit that short period of time when the market moves the most!
Let’s back up and talk about that market direction issue, because it’s so critical for you to understand. – I figured out how to guarantee that you buy when you should buy, and sell when you should sell… By using two pending orders, using lightning fast software which automatically places and cancels the pending orders within seconds of the news release. Using this software and system, I can profit…

No Matter Which Direction the Market Reacts to During News Releases

Let’s review: Most time I trade, I get in the market in the right direction by having the software automatically place two pending orders, seconds before each news release hits the streets. With pending orders, brokers won’t give you a requote, which is a common issue with news trading.
Since these are “pending orders” they are orders that will not be executed until the price reaches a level selected by you. And “straddle”, once the market movement triggers a pending order to be taken in (accepted), the opposite pending order is immediately deleted. You absolutely have to have software to make a straddle strategy work,a manual system is …nada!!!.
With this software, suddenly, market direction becomes irrelevant – you can profit if it moves in EITHER direction!
Plus it only takes less than 5 minutes to get into your broker account and set up my software,and about 3-10 minutes to watch the trade and close out your trades and count your profits. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I have been doing it for a while now and i’ve made many withdrawals from my account in profits (what i hardly did when i was trading Tech analysis..Ironic huh!), and I have allowed a small group of my colleagues to use the software as well, and we have all made cool money with it
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We are calling this software “THG StraddleTrader Diamond”, compatible Expert Advisor Software for Metatrader 4. It is specifically designed to give you an unfair advantage to pull down 15 to 100 pips per trade, regardless of market direction…
This software is simple enough for rank beginners, and effective enough for even the most demanding expert trader! Even if you have never, ever placed a Forex trade in your life, you can make a great income with THG StraddleTrader.